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Exciting Progress on the Edmonton Bike Park: An Update from Behind the Scenes

Hello, Edmonton Bike Park enthusiasts!

We realize it’s been a while since our last update, and you might be wondering what's been happening. The truth is, a lot of hard work has been unfolding behind the scenes, much of which involves the less glamorous, yet absolutely critical stages of planning and development with the City of Edmonton.

Striding Through Strategy and Concept Phases

Our journey through the Strategy and Concept phases has been a marathon, not a sprint. These initial phases are all about laying the groundwork for the bike park—essentially crafting a detailed business case for the City, engaging in comprehensive circulations through various city departments, collecting and addressing feedback, and conducting numerous site meetings. While these tasks might not make the headlines, they are fundamental steps that pave the way for the exciting phases to come.

Design Phase and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

With the Strategy and Concept phases now behind us, we're thrilled to announce we're moving into the Design phase! This next stage will bring the conceptual plan to life through more detailed designs, shaping the dream into reality. Concurrently, we're working on completing an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), ensuring our project not only enhances our community's recreational opportunities but also respects and preserves our beautiful natural surroundings.

Securing Funding for Our Dream

Navigating the financial aspects of this project has felt a bit like a 'chicken and egg' scenario, but we're navigating it with determination. We've applied for the City of Edmonton's Recreation Partner and Facility Investment Program (RPFIP) grant, and we're gearing up to apply for the Alberta Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP). Together, these could cover up to 2/3rds of our estimated $1.2 million project cost, a crucial step towards making our vision a reality.

Fundraising Models and The Path Forward

We're fully committed to seeing this through and have been devising various fundraising models, exploring every avenue to secure the resources needed to build a world-class bike park for our community.

Our Commitment to You

Thank you for your patience and support. The road to the Edmonton Bike Park has been a journey of challenges and triumphs. But with each step, we grow closer to creating a vibrant, inclusive space for the joy of mountain biking to be shared by all.

Stay tuned for more updates as we dive into the Design phase and ramp up our fundraising efforts. Follow us on our newly launched Instagram and Facebook pages for bike park-specific updates, sneak peeks at design progress, and opportunities to get involved.

Together, we're making the Edmonton Bike Park a reality. Let's keep the momentum going!



The Edmonton Bike Park Project Team


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